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First Time DUI Offenders

As a first time offender of a DUI charge in California you are still facing very severe consequences. According to the California Division of Motor Vehicles, it is unlawful and punishable by the law to drive, operate or be in physical control of a motor vehicle (car, motorcycle, truck, farm equipment) within California if you are under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or any impairing substance; this includes both public roadways and private property if it provides access to a single family or mutli-family home.

Being arrested for the first time is a very traumatic and confusing experience. It is especially traumatic if you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Police officers arrest people daily and have experience doing so. Don’t let them walk all over you, contact a law firm that has experience defending people every day and understands the tactics police use on people in order to aid in prosecution of the case.

Although the penalties of a DUI are much more severe for second and third DUI offenses, you are still at risk for major punishments if you are a first time offender of Drunk Driving. Contact our Los Angeles California Dui lawyers today to zealously defend you from your first DUI charge.

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