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If you would like to clear your DUI conviction from your criminal record, expungement may be an option. In the case of a DUI expungement, you withdraw your “guilty” or “no contest” plea and the court dismisses your case. From that point forward, you can honestly and legally deny your criminal record in most job interviews and background checks.

Clearing a DUI from your record is a complicated process. There are several limitations and points of eligibility that you must meet to qualify. With the help of a DUI expungement attorney at Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin, LLP, you may have the chance to face life with a clean slate. Your attorney will understand the exact process necessary to clear or seal your driving under the influence conviction.

DUI Expungement in California

In order to qualify for DUI expungement in California, there are several criteria you must meet. Our DUI expungement attorneys offer a consultation to discuss your case and see if you are eligible to have your DUI conviction cleared or sealed.

You must have completed all sentences and penalties resulting from your DUI conviction:

– Fines
– Community service
– Jail sentence
– Alcohol counseling and/or classes

You cannot expunge a felony DUI conviction from your record (one that includes a state prison sentence). Your DUI lawyer must instead work to have your felony reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunge the misdemeanor from your record.

If you are interested in clearing your DUI conviction from your criminal record, our Los Angeles DUI expungement lawyers can help. When you contact our offices for a consultation, you will talk to a lawyer who has the knowledge to answer your questions. If our firm works with you on your case, our lawyers will do their utmost to ensure your DUI conviction is successfully expunged.

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