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DUI Attorney Santa Clarita

The California State Law has established rigid rules on DWI or DUI convictions. The penalties prescribed in every violation of the law become stricter along with the increasing number of violations. If you have been arrested for DUI in Santa Clarita, do not go to court alone. Our DUI defense lawyers in Santa Clarita are the best in Los Angeles and have handled many cases, call use and speak to an attorney for free to go over your arrest.

In DWI litigation, the party defendant must have a good defense team. Otherwise, the rights of the defendant during the arrest and immediately after the arrest may be put into jeopardy. Our DWI lawyers in Santa Clarita have been proven to provide the best legal service in the county. Our DUI attorneys are mandated by our firm to see to it that the interests of our clients are prioritized over other matters. For the best DUI attorney in Los Angeles to represent you contact our office and schedule an appointment.

Thus, in response to our firm’s mandate, our DUI attorneys at Santa Clarita City conducts an initial interview with our prospective DWI clients with regards to the events that transpired during the arrest and immediately afterwards. This investigation gravitates on the California DWI laws and its corresponding penalties.

To illustrate, in the State of California, refusal to take the chemical test is a ground for the automatic suspension of the defendant’s license. Thus, it is important to know whether the defendant knowingly refused to take the test or was not able to properly understand the consequences of taking the chemical test.

Under the law, when the defendant was caught drunk driving for the first time, he shall be merited with a penalty of one year suspension of license and a fine or both. In the second offense, the defendant shall be punished by 2 year suspension of license plus a fine. On the succeeding offense, the defendant’s license shall be suspended for 3 years. The suspension discussed herewith only pertains to the refusal of the defendant to be subjected to a chemical test.

On the other hand, having been arrested for DWI alone will subject the defendant to suffer the following offenses:

For the first offense, the defendant may suffer jail time of 4 days to 6 months, fines and penalties of $1400 to $2600, license suspension of 30 days to 10 months and IID in some counties. For the second offense, the defendant may be penalized with 10 days to 1 year imprisonment, fine of $1800 to 2800, license suspension of 2 years and IID. For the third offense, the person may suffer imprisonment of 120 days to 1 year, fines of $1800 to $18000, license suspension of 3 years and IID.

Also, it is important to know the BAC reading or the BAC result of the breath test. Under the California Law, those under the age of 21 must not exceed the BAC reading of .01% and for those who are 21 years or older, the BAC must not exceed .08%.

Usually, under the DUI California Law, the defendant may be allowed to plead guilty into a lesser offence of “wet reckless”. A “wet reckless” or a conviction of reckless driving involving alcohol is made as a result of a plea bargain which shall reduce the charge of drunk driving to a case of reckless driving. However, three conditions must have to concur in order that the prosecution may consent to the plea bargaining which are as follows: the amount of alcohol ingested must be borderline, there must be no prior DWI conviction and that no bodily harm or death was caused by the accident.

With our DWI attorneys in Santa Clarita will see to it that your rights are protected by way of explaining to you the laws that you have violated and the possible defenses that are applicable to your case. For more questions, you may visit their office at the usual hour of work.

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