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It is often assumed by many that anyone arrested for driving under the influence has no real legal defense. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys at have proven time and time again that this is a falsehood. If you need legal representation for a Los Angeles DUI charge, call us. Our attorneys will give your case serious consideration and figure out the best defense strategy for you. Because we specialize in DUI cases, our lawyers are expert in defending our clients against conviction.

Our clients have many similar questions regarding Los Angeles DUI defense, which we have compiled into the list below as a reference resource. If you or someone you care about has been charged with a DUI, you’ll need an attorney you can count on. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What DUI defenses are the most common?

Numerous types of defenses are available when combating a Los Angeles DUI charge. can assess your case and figure out the most effective way to safeguard your rights, depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Each case is treated individually, with a unique defense tailored to the client’s needs.

  1. Probable Cause—Getting stopped by the police without probable cause is against the law, rendering it inadmissible as evidence against you in court. Your right to not be subjected to illegal search and seizure is protected by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  2. Police Oversight—This may include neglecting to read Miranda rights; an unlawful stop or arrest; not informing the defendant of the consequences for refusing a chemical test; administering a field sobriety test or chemical test incorrectly. Police and other law enforcement are obligated to obey the laws and follow specific procedures in the performance of their duties. Failure to do so can render evidence inadmissible, and even cause the charges against you to be dropped.
  3. Blood-Alcohol Concentration—Inaccurate results of a chemical test can be caused by a number of factors. Poorly maintained equipment, improper or inadequate training of the person administering the test, or a breath test conducted while the body is in the process of absorbing alcohol (the absorption phase) can render a test unreliable. At, a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney can methodically examine each of the various testing methods for their inherent flaws.
  4. Signs of Impairment—Once we’re in court, our attorneys can cross-examine the arresting officer and challenge his or her account, as many officers base their impressions on predispositions instead of evidence. The discrepancy between the account of the arresting officer and the testimony of a witness who swears to the defendant’s sobriety while driving may lead to a reduction of charges, dismissal or even acquittal.Retrograde
  5. Extrapolation—It is likely that a prosecutor will argue for the chemical test in evidence as an accurate indication of the driver’s level of intoxication at the time he or she was stopped by police. But test results can be affected by when the test was conducted in relation to when alcohol was last consumed, so the results are often not an accurate measure of a driver’s blood-alcohol concentration at the time he or she was pulled over.

What can a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer do to help?

The process of fighting a Los Angeles DUI charge can be difficult, complex and trying. Prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions with the help of the many resources they have at their disposal. Have you, a friend or a loved one been charged with a DUI? If so, you can dramatically improve your chances for a positive outcome when you hire a committed, experienced Los Angeles DUI defense attorney. While others lawyer may offer a workmanlike defense for your case, they often lack the insights and expertise required to navigate through the idiosyncrasies that are common to DUI cases. At, a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney with an intricate knowledge of drunk-driving cases will give your case personal attention and lay out the best defense if it goes to court.

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