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DUI Attorney Pomona CA

DUI laws in the State of California have established a set of rigid rules that penalizes driving under the influence of alcohol. In the City of Pomona alone, these laws have been implemented with an iron hand. The result constitutes an increase in DUI cases filed in court. If you or someone you know has been arrested in Pomona for DUI it is important that you speak with an experienced DUI attorney in Pomona to discuss your case. Being arrested for drunk driving in Pomona is a serious offense and you need the best DUI attorney in Los Angeles to defend your rights, call today for a free consultation.

Our law office has been in the front line of assisting DUI clients whose cases are pending litigation. Our DUI attorneys in Pomonashall ensure that you get ample protection for your rights as party defendant before, during and after the trial. Also, our DUI lawyers in Pomona can assist the Pomona residents to fully understand the law by way of providing pointers on the important provisions of the law. This way, DUI cases may be decreased if the people are made aware of the penalties that the law imposes when they are arrested due to drunk driving in Pomona California.

The following are the penalties imposed by the state for persons arrested of DUI:

For the first offense, the defendant may be penalized with imprisonment of 4 days to 6 months, fines and penalties of $1400 to $2600, license suspension of 30 days to 10 months and IID. For the second offense, the penalty shall be imprisonment of 10 days to 1 year, $1800 to $2800 fine and penalties, license suspension of 2 years and IID. For the third offense, the defendant shall suffer a penalty of imprisonment equivalent to 120 days to 1 year, fines and penalties of $1800 to $18000, license suspension of 3 years and IID.

There also exists a look back period of 10 years. This is necessary in order to determine the history of the defendant with regard to drunk driving. This shall be used by the court to impose a higher penalty to the defendant if has been found to be a repeat offender within a ten year period.

If you ever wondered the amount of BAC or blood alcohol content in order to be charged with DUI in Pomona, the law prescribes that for those who are under the age of 21 shall be charged of the offense is the BAC level is .01% or higher. For those who are 21 years or older, a BAC level of .08% shall expose the driver to charges of DUI.

More so, a summary of the drunk driving laws in the State of California includes the following:

  1. Those who are below 21 years of age are not allowed to carry beer, wine or liquor in the vehicle which they are driving while driving alone. The exception to this prohibition lies when the person is employed in a business connected to the distribution, marketing or selling of alcohol products.
  2. Those who are under the age of 21 are not allowed to drive with a blood alcohol concentration level of .01 or higher.
  3. Those who are under the age of 21 cannot consume alcohol in any form, including cough syrup, and prescription drugs.
  4. Drivers who are 21 years of age and above cannot drive with a BAC level of .08% or higher.
  5. Drivers of vehicle with commercial licenses cannot drive with a BAC of .04 percent or higher.
  6. Those who are under the age of 18 cannot drive with any measurable blood alcohol concentration.
  7. Those who are repeat offenders cannot drive with a BAC of .01 %.

Drunk driving laws do not come without any possible defense. The charge may be decreased based on a valid plea bargaining, if the prosecutor allows or consents thereto. If you have more questions on DUI defense, you may come and visit our DUI defense law office for Pomona residents. Our Pomona DUI lawyers will cater to your needs.

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