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DMV License Suspension in California

We have all become accustomed to driving our cars to work, to the grocery store, and friends houses. One of the punishments of being arrested for driving under the influence in California is a DMV license suspension. Don’t risk a license suspension, contact the Los Angeles based dui lawyers at to defend your freedom and help save your driving privileges.

Once you contact us, the next step is to come in and meet our firm, see our office and get comfortable with the fact that our experienced lawyers will be representing you and defending your freedom. After meeting the partners, one of our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers will spend the necessary time with you to hear your side of the story. We will then explain the steps we will take to defend you including; court dates, DMV hearings, DUI fines, possible plea bargains and retaining our firm to represent you. If you received a DUI in or around Los Angeles and you plan to retain a DUI Lawyer, call us today.

Throughout this site you will find valuable information regarding driving under the influence. We have done our best to provide you with what you are looking for regarding DUI and DWI punishments in California, license suspensions, field sobriety tests, first time offenders, and many more.

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