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There are two stages to a DUI charge: the DMV hearing and the criminal court procedure. The Los Angeles DUI attorneys at can handle both stages for you. We give your DMV hearing the same attention as we do your court case, and are therefore equally as aggressive with the DMV as we are in court.

You have 10 days to schedule your DMV hearing after your DUI arrest. Failure to schedule this hearing results in automatic suspension of your license. Hire us as your Los Angeles DUI attorneys and we’ll not only schedule your hearing, we’ll attend it and stick by you throughout. Don’t hesitate! Contact our expert DUI Los Angeles attorneys if you’ve been arrested or charged for drunk driving.

While the DMV hearing has no bearing on your criminal case, it is what determines whether or not your license is suspended. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyers put the same care into preparing for your DMV hearing as we do for a court trial. We make put forth our strongest effort to get you the best possible outcome. Our #1 goal is to keep you from losing your driving privileges.

Arrested for driving under the influence? Contact our team of Los Angeles DUI attorneys immediately for a free consultation. We’ll schedule your DMV hearing and see you through it as well. Contact for your free consultation.

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