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“You have the right to an attorney.” This is a right that you as an American are entitled to. Because of the crack down on DUI more and more people are facing the decision of hiring a dui attorney Los Angeles. You do not want to be the defendant that represents himself as Pro Se unless you are an attorney yourself. The judicial procedures and paperwork are more complex than ever. Even attorney’s who get DUIs hire attorneys to represent them in this very serious offense. Exercise your right and hire a dui attorney Los Angeles because now is not the time to be frugal. Your very liberty and freedoms are at stake.

Not only will a dui attorney Los Angeles alleviate most of the pressure involved with being charged, they are also experienced in handling clients who are going through this very emotional and stressful time in their lives. They can give you a realistic idea of what your future could hold and that typically is a much lesser charge, lower fines and an overall better outcome had you not hired them from the beginning. A rule of thumb, you are innocent until proven guilty so let the attorney exhaust every single option on your behalf, most of which you would be completely unaware of without the help of an attorney.

If your career or livelihood is affected by a potential DUI on your record, you are definitely in need of an attorney. The loop holes of getting you a reduced charge as well as a conditional license are extremely important. The judge and prosecutor would not advise you of these rights, only your attorney would exercise them on your behalf. Imagine having someone who is experienced in this situation, focuses their ability and intellect on your case and is on your side 100 percent. A dui attorney los angeles specializes in just DUI so that is all they think about, work on and perfect as part of their career and expertise. They are an invaluable source of assistance and information.

The moment you are read your rights and you hear “You have the right to an attorney.” call one. Do not hesitate. They can do damage control instantly.

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Welcome to our site Dui Attorney Los Angeles, when you have been charged with a DUI in the state of California, the arresting police officer or agency will confiscate your driver’s license at the time of your arrest. There is exception to this if you are holding a license from out of the state of California, where in which case you will in most cases be given a temporary permit to drive, presumably to allow for you to return to your state of origin.

In the state of California a standard DUI arrest for a person 21 years or older carries a penalty of a four month automatic suspension of your driving privileges. If you are under the legal age to drink in this state, and you are arrested with a BAC of .01% or higher, the suspension of your driving privileges will be one year.


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DMV Hearings

DMV hearing determines whether or not your license is suspended


Defenses are available when combating a Los Angeles DUI charge

Multiple offense

First DUI caused major consequences, what about the second and third?

DUI Appeals

Review certain aspects of the case for legal error.

Commercial Vehicle DUI

Legal penalties are harsher for commercial vehicle DUI

Field sobriety test

Should you refuse or take a sobriety test in California?


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